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Information and Resources

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Why Spay/Neuter?

Reduce the Number of Unwanted Animals

In FY 2011 the Montgomery County Humane Society (taypayer-funded county shelter took in 8,685 animals. Of those, 2,811 were adopted and 1,163 were reunited with their owners (Source: MCHS Annual Report for 2011). The shelter did not publish euthanasia statistics, but the different between intakes and adopted/reunited was 4,711. Despite improvements in adoption outreach, too many animals are being killed.

Nationwide, an estimated 8 million to 12 million companion animals enter animal shelters every year, and approximately 5 million to 9 million are killed.

Only 10 percent of the animals received by shelters have been spayed or neutered.

Seventy percent of cats in shelters (7 out of 10) are killed because there is no one to adopt them.

The pet overpopulation epidemic is so staggering that for every animal born in the United States to have a home each and every human would have to own 6 dogs and 9 cats -- i.e., a family of four would have to own 24 dogs and 36 cats.

It costs U.S. taxpayers an estimated 2 billion dollars each year to round up, house, kill and dispose of homeless animals.**

Think you'll find homes for your cat's kittens? People often say they'll adopt and then back out. Even if they do adopt, that's a home that could have gone to a cat or kitten on death row at a shelter.

Improve Your Pet's Health and Happiness

  • Spaying a female before she goes into heat for the first time virtually eliminates the risk of breast cancer (which is an aggressive cancer in cats). With each heat cycle, the female's risk of breast cancer increases.
  • Spaying also prevents a painful and deadly infection of the uterus called pyometra.
  • Neutering a male cat prevents testicular cancer and reduces the risk of prostrate cancer and urinary tract blockages, which can be deadly in males.
  • Neutering prevents annoying behaviors such as urine spraying to "mark" territory and fighting. With less fighting among males, there will be fewer cases of Feline AIDS, which is spread primarily by bite wounds.
  • Spayed/neutered animals tend to be calmer and more affectionate.
  • Spayed/neutered animals are less likely to roam, to dart out the door, or be hit by cars.

Convinced? Then Don't Delay! Here's Why:

  • Female cats  can go into heat as young as 4-5 months of age.
  • Cats can have 3 or more litters per year.  It is not true that females can't get pregnant while they are nursing. Females can go into heat as soon as 2 weeks after giving birth!
  • Related cats (e.g., brother and sister) will mate.

** Sources: mchumane.org, aspca.org, humanealliance.org

For Assistance with Spay/Neuter of Pets:

Montgomery Co. Humane Society
14645 Rothgeb Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Main Number: (240) 773-5960
For certificate prices and more info: http://www.mchumane.org/spayneuter.shtml

SNAP, Inc.
PO Box 686
Chesapeake City, MD 21915
Provides certificates that can be taken to participating vets.
Cat Neuter $25, Cat spay $40, Dog neuter $40, Dog spay $55

Washington Humane Society
202-88-ALTER (202-882-5837)
Information and Prices
Open 5 days a week (M-F) by appointment.

SPCA/HS of PG County Spay/Neuter Clinic (Periodic spay/neuter events and referrals)
P.O. Box 925
Bowie, MD
Clinic Information: 301-262-5625
Clinic is located at 8210 D'Arcy Rd, Forestville, MD and also holds monthly shot clinics. 

Animal Advocates of Howard County
P.O. Box 1403
Ellicott City, Maryland 21041
Free and low-cost spay/neuter programs.

Humane Society of Charles County
P.O. Box 1015
Waldorf, Maryland 20604
Low-cost spay/neuter programs, by appointment on shelter premises at 71 Industrial Park Drive in Waldorf.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic:

Spay Now - Grasonville
125 Pullman Crossing, Suite 101
Grasonville, MD 21638
Phone Number: (410) 773-5960

Spay Now - Laurel
7401 Dusen Road
Laurel, MD 20707
Phone Number: (301) 483-7080

For  prices and more info: http://www.spaynow.org

Spay Spa & Neuter Nook
1251 West Central Ave., Unit H
Davidson, MD 20135
Phone Number: (443) 607-6496

For  prices and more info: http://www.spayspa.org


For Assistance with Spay/Neuter of Feral Cats (Trap-Neuter-Return):

Low-Cost Clinics for Feral Cats:

Petworth Animal Hospital
4012 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20011
Metro Ferals
- 703-528-7782
2nd Sunday of each month

Eldersburg Veterinary Hospital
1527 Liberty Road
Sykesville, MD 21784
Generally the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, but please call (443) 255-4489 to confirm clinic dates.
Average cost is $50 per cat (including vaccinations)

Reservations Required:  contact Ruth Johnson at (443) 255-4489

Washington Humane Society
7315 Georgia Ave., NW
Washington, DC  20012
202-723-5730, ext. 234
Once a month, generally the 2nd Sunday of each month --but check their web site for clinic dates.
Free for ferals from DC; ferals brought in from other areas are $45 per cat

If you have any questions, please email us and we'll answer you as soon as possible!  You can call the MCSPCA at 301-948-4266, but for the fastest response, please use our email address.   For info on how to write to us, see our contact page.
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